Mens Hair: Autumn


Not to be a downer, but fall is around the corner.  Men always sit in my chair and ask what the upcoming trends are.  The reality is that they constantly change.  We have the side part slick look, the pompadour, and the undercut slicked back that are all very popular at this time.  What I have been suggesting to my male clientele is to continue these trendy looks and change them slightly.  The change is to leave them just a touch longer in the fall season.  Sounds simple?  Essentially it gives you a worn in feeling of your former look with cleaner edges or a stronger shape then when its totally grown and time for a visit.  The longer feeling helps to compliment the wardrobe changes that happen in Autumn, like layering.  See you at the shop soon.



Mens Hair: The Side Part

Hair parts generally have been categorized as "Continental" if on the left side and "Western" if parted on the right side.  Recent studies have suggested that men who part there hair on the left side are often popular, successful and perceived as strong whereas men who part their hair on the right are viewed as more radical and open-minded.  Men who part their hair on the right side have been strong enough to overcome the stigma against it.
No matter what you subscribe to, the side part is widely regarded as on of the most poplular hair styles in the world for men.  The look first became popular in the 30's and 40'swhen only oil based pomades were available and thus, the classic style is often flatter to the head.  Modern looks have more of a tousled effect or a pompadoured feel.  You can pretty much style any men's cut with a side part-- from short tapered sides to long academic looks.  Short hair on the top looks best unless you are using heavy product and styling close to the head.  The side part is often used by men when hair begins to thin to give the illusion of thickness.  
Choose to believe the studies if you like but the reality is you should consult your barber on which side suits you best based on your facial features and hair growth patterns. 
What side are you on??

Mens Hair: The Man Bun / The Pony Bun


Men have been wearing their hair long for centuries.  I would gather our hair is much shorter as a whole at this time period than any other throughout our history.  So its no surprise that at some point our hair was put up, and the man bun was born.  

Celebrities have made long hair a thing and as such the man bun is catching on with the general public.  Some celebrities in recent years to rock the high bun have been David Beckam, Patrick Rafter, Colin Farrell, Jared Leto, Jake Gyllenhaal and Leo DiCaprio just to name a few.  

The variations include placing it lower, keeping it rough and loose, slicking it, fading the sides and disconnecting the top(to various degrees) as well as wearing it extremely high(think Bam Bam from the Flinstones). Reserve the rough looks for more casual attire and slicking for formal wear. You can go facial hair or baby face they both work and rest assured your love interest will love the wild bad boy feeling all that hair comes with.  

Make our ancestors proud and persevere as it may be a process to get there but worth it in the end.

Ask your Barber

They will guide you…..

Mens Hair: Pre Booking Appointments




Great hair is the most important accessory a man wears everyday. Your hair style immediately sets an impression to others and completes your whole look. Maintaining your hair is essential to maintaining your look. Hair grows an average of 1/2" every 4-6 weeks. Getting a trim every 4 weeks is ideal for shorter mens' cuts and 6 weeks for mid length styles. Men with longer styles or finer hair can even get away with coming in every 8 weeks. But if 8 weeks turns to 10 then that's trouble.  

It's easy to lose track of time and forget when you're due for a cut. Pre-booking your next appointment at the end of each visit guarantees you an appointment with your regular stylist when it's time for a cut. We suggest booking during a time you are consistently free on during a weekly basis, or whatever time works best for you. If other engagements should arise you can always call to reschedule and the front desk staff will make sure you are accommodated. You will also receive a call to remind you of and confirm your appointment when you pre-book. Booking your next appointment ahead of time ensures you'll always have a well kept look.


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