Mens Hair: Pre Booking Appointments




Great hair is the most important accessory a man wears everyday. Your hair style immediately sets an impression to others and completes your whole look. Maintaining your hair is essential to maintaining your look. Hair grows an average of 1/2" every 4-6 weeks. Getting a trim every 4 weeks is ideal for shorter mens' cuts and 6 weeks for mid length styles. Men with longer styles or finer hair can even get away with coming in every 8 weeks. But if 8 weeks turns to 10 then that's trouble.  

It's easy to lose track of time and forget when you're due for a cut. Pre-booking your next appointment at the end of each visit guarantees you an appointment with your regular stylist when it's time for a cut. We suggest booking during a time you are consistently free on during a weekly basis, or whatever time works best for you. If other engagements should arise you can always call to reschedule and the front desk staff will make sure you are accommodated. You will also receive a call to remind you of and confirm your appointment when you pre-book. Booking your next appointment ahead of time ensures you'll always have a well kept look.