Mens Hair: The Beard

Some whispers have been going around that the beard era is over.  A man in facial hair became a popular look in the early millenium and doesn't seem to be going away as this years trends are showing.  The beards have progressively gotten longer as time has gone on but facial hair of all lengths is acceptable as of recent years.  In past days beards would be frowned upon in the business environment.  A quick snarky remark and being sent home to shave was common place.  The most important change has been society not judging the beard based on old school mentalities.  So grow your beautiful, glorious beards and worry no more about career advancement. 

Some facts about beards

-beards grow 5.5 inches a year

-Average beard hairs on a man 30,000

-Beards act like a filter, they protect you from allergies like pollen and other allergens

-Amount of time an average man spends shaving in a lifetime: 3350 hours 



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